Legend of Fuyao Episodes 63-66: A Chatty Recap (FINALE)

We are finally at the end of our first ever Chatty Recap.  Which means it is now time to see how the story of Fuyao and Wuji end.  Will we love it?  Will it ruin the drama for us?  Come join us and find out. Continue reading


Suspicious Partners Episode 39 & 40 (Final Thoughts)

.;a1a2s4a3We have finally reached the end of Suspicious Partner.  And while there were high  and low points in the plot, the writer has rewarded our patience with two final episodes of pure and total fluff.  Something I would usually be upset about, but with a cast that is the cutest fluffy cast ever, I will give it a pass and just enjoy the last hour of a relatively successful storyline. Continue reading

Shopping King Louie Episode 16 (Finale) – A Viewer’s Fond Farewell

1a45I am slightly devastated that Shopping King Louie is over.  It has been a bright, comedic light in an otherwise very melo drama season.  How am I supposed to go on without my weekly dose of Louie and Bok Sil?  I guess I will have to satisfy myself with falling down the Louie youtube black hole (seriously, there are some great things out there…. check out the below Louie English FMV.)  But for now, let us do one more recap and find out how our story ends. Continue reading

Mane of Glory Recap #11


It is finally the end of Scarlet Heart.  Did we love it?  Did we hate it? Did all of our favorite characters have gorgeous hair to the bitter end?  Come join The Fangirls as we discuss the finale two episodes and what we feel now that the drama has concluded.  Also a bonus discussion on the Hwarang Posters.  Will we be checking this drama out for future Mane of Glory recaps? Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 16 (Finale) – THE END.

1a23It has been a crazy twisty ride, but we finally have reached the end of the W the webtoon as well as the end of our drama.  Did we have a satisfying conclusion to our favorite dimension traveling OTP (One True Pairing)? Or were they tragically torn apart by a cruel multi-world fate?  Come join Kmuse & Drama Geek as they say their final thoughts about the show and give their favorite drama a fond farewell recap. Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 12 (Finale) – Good Riddance

d14.jpgWell if nothing else you have to admit it stayed crappy to the end.  Which makes for a kind of boring recap.  So Drama Geek and I (we are teaming up to get this recap done as fast as possible……………we need our lives back) are going to recap/discuss the last episode in between memes that express how we are feeling right now.  Because really you should be able to be entertained, even if we weren’t. So come join us as we chat Vampire Detective episode 12. Continue reading

Signal Episode 16- The End…?


Screenshot 2016-03-14 20.10.16

I am sad to say this will be my last post on a show I have come to love, and the characters that live within this world. Our three heroes do not give up even when the credits roll, and neither does this writer. They’ve taken us on a ride from day one and it doesn’t seem to stop until the last minute. Or… maybe it never stop as long as there’s another transmission. Continue reading