4 Dramas Perfect for a Comfort Rewatch Binge

We are two years into a global pandemic, and there is a lot of stress in the world. So what do we Fangirls do when things get tough? Watch more dramas, of course. However, sometimes you just don’t feel up to experiencing something new, and that’s where this post comes into play. Come find out which dramas Kmuse and Drama Geek think are the best comfort rewatches to get you through the rough patches of life.

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New Character Teasers for Forest of Secrets


Forest of Secrets has to be my most anticipated drama this spring.  Not because of its unique story line since so far it looks to be a pretty standard list of tropes that we have seen before.  The reason I am so excited is the dream casting of  Bae Doo Na (sense8) & Jo Seung Woo (Gods Gift – 14 Days).  This is the equivalent of getting two multi Oscar winning long time actors and putting them together in one intense movie… or drama as the case might be.  These are the heavyweight of actors without a newbie idol in sight and I could not be happier. Continue reading