Top 10 Kpop MVs: Music Therapy Edition

Do you ever find yourself seeking out songs as a form of therapy? I know I often do. Sometimes it’s a song that makes me feel understood. Other times it’s lyrics that bring me comfort. On occasion, certain tracks just help me let loose those pent up emotions and vent. Or maybe there’s a certain track that gives me the courage to step outside my comfort zone. No matter my mood, I can always count on the amazing healing power of music!! Come check out today’s therapy session with me!!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Cinematic Escapades

Kpop MVs are often like mini-movies. Stories are crafted to match the mood of the individual song and oftentimes to tie that singular story into the overarching theme of an artist’s album series. This week’s top picks definitely give me movie feels. Whether they give the impression of a big-budget blockbuster, a vibrant musical, or an emo-indie vibe, these MVs will be sure to come to mind when the tracks next queue up on your music shuffle!! 

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: ONEWE Does All the Covers! Except One

I love the concept of bands covering other bands’ songs. When done well, covers can be a tribute to the talents of the original band, and yet still leaves room for the band doing the covering to show off their own particular talents. 

After falling down a ONEWE rabbit hole the other day, I found several covers they’ve done that I love! Come see if ONEWE is good at honoring the work of the artists before them, and good at putting their own spin on things. You probably already know what I think….

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