First Impressions: Perfume

RUN! No, seriously. We usually try to give some positive side of a drama so that viewers with different tastes might have something to go on. This post will not contain any such information (okay, Shin Sung Rok is a tiny positive). Here are all the reasons we dropped this drama like a sack of steaming horse manure.

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Fangirl Stalking: Kim Seon Ho

Watching dramas is my favorite pastime. And even though I greatly appreciate the more popular Hallyu actors and actresses, I often find myself bolting down random rabbit trails to fangirl over lesser-known (and under-appreciated) talent. Enter novice actor Kim Seon Ho.  Admittedly, my soft spot for dimples may have be the reason I first took notice of him!  But I’ve been watching his progression through Kdramas since his very first role in Chief Kim.  A little bit goofy and awkward, but with an abundance of sweetness and sincerity, his characters always have surprising depth and leave a lasting impression.  So come join me as introduce the charming and captivating Kim Seon Ho!

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