Podcast #155 – Kdrama Throwback: W Two Worlds

We look back to 2016 at one of our favorite dramas of that year to see if the drama stood up to the test of time. Come join The Fangirls as they discuss all their favorite moments of W: Two Worlds and what worked better during our rewatch.

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A Love Letter to Happiness

Once upon a time in Korea, a drama was so compelling that I watched it in spite of the zombies, the pandemic mentions, and the terrible people who were trying to stymie our OTP from beginning to end. It was a tale of power and corruption and doing the right thing even when everyone else is out to get you. For Valentine’s Day, with the help of my friends and avid Happiness fans Tina Woelke and WheresWallace, we’ve penned a love letter to this incredible drama. 

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W-Two Worlds Episode 16 (Finale) – THE END.

1a23It has been a crazy twisty ride, but we finally have reached the end of the W the webtoon as well as the end of our drama.  Did we have a satisfying conclusion to our favorite dimension traveling OTP (One True Pairing)? Or were they tragically torn apart by a cruel multi-world fate?  Come join Kmuse & Drama Geek as they say their final thoughts about the show and give their favorite drama a fond farewell recap. Continue reading

W- Two Worlds Episode 12 – Kang Chul 2.0

1s1I know that there are those of you out there who have decided this drama just got too complicated for its own britches.  This fangirl is not one of those viewers.  With only four more episodes to go, I am completely enthralled with how the writer is continuing to create new and interesting plots.  So come join me as I wax poetic about our new and improved Kang Chul and his brilliant plan to get his cake and eat it too. Continue reading