W-Two Worlds Episode 10 – It’s an Antagonist’s World

a12a13It is an intense hour where the rules of the two worlds shift yet again.  This time for the worst where our hero and heroine are concerned.  But from a narrative standpoint, it is fascinating.  We find out what happens when the bad guys get control of the story and use this loophole to change the game. Continue reading

W Two Worlds Episode 9 – Two Worlds, One Face, and a Whole Lot of Crappy Writer’s Karma.

IMG_7548[1]Holy Batman, people. I think I need a moment. Or maybe a hundred to recover from that ending. This episode is all about reminding us of what Yeon Joo had and what she lost. In my drama watching career I’ve seen a lot of resets. Some due to amnesia, some to a tricky thing called time travel. They’re almost always painful because the world never seems to be kind about them. One person is left in the know. And if you know what was, but no one else does, it can make you not only sad but leaves you feeling extremely isolated. Thankfully, Yeon Joo has Soo Bong, but I’m not sure he’s enough to help her through this. And just like our tricky friend time travel, it appears that manhwa travel can be just as relentless. Continue reading

W Two Worlds Episode 8 – A Big Bad Recap

a12a15Holy unexpected plot twist!  I even knew a few of the events were coming from the small preview at the end of last weeks episode and I was still floored when everything started to unfold. Who knew that being a formless killer could be so flipping terrifying.  Which is why this recap is going to be all about our mysterious big bad…..with a few references to our OTP (One True Pairing), because really, they are too adorable to ignore. Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 5: Meta to the Nth Degree

a12a21.pngWOW!  What did I just watch?  In case you are wondering, my mind is totally blown and it is only episode 5.  I have to admit that I am a little intimidated to be writing this recap because no matter how poetic or concise I might be, there is no way to convey this drama’s awesomeness level.  But I will do my best on expressing my jumbled up feelings and I hope that you are watching this show.  Because if there was ever a show that deserves to be viewed and appreciated, it would be W-Two Worlds. Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 4 – Life sucks! At least when you’re fictional.


Things get real for our heroine. Who knew being fictional would be so hard? On the other hand our hero has to face a cold reality. But don’t think for a second Kang Chul is going to let a little thing like being a comic book character stop him from staying “alive”. This weeks episodes both clocked in at 12.9% in the ratings, pushing W to the number one spot for Wed/Thurs time slot.

Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 3 – Lingerie or a long shot?


I seriously have a crazy fangirl love affair going on with this drama.  It makes recapping so much more enjoyable when I don’t have to figure out a new way to say “this sucks” every week!  And W-Two Worlds does in no way suck.  In fact, this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite dramas (knock on imaginary wood) and I pray it stays strong til the end.  But for now we are only on episode 3 so let’s start discussing our kooky heroine and her charming hero. Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 2 – I have a girl crush!


There are certain things I expect going into one of my bias’s dramas.  First, there will be a lot of fangirling over said bias.  And usually, it is a given that that specific actor is going to be my favorite thing about any given drama.  Imagine my surprise when Han Hyo Joo (playing Oh Yeon Joo) bursts onto my TV screen and steals the show, as well as my love.  I think I might have a new girl crush. Continue reading

W-Two Worlds Episode 1 – A Gun, A Girl, And a Hottie.


It is very rare that a first episode comes along and sucks you into the story so thoroughly.  And yet, here we are, completely sucked in and fangirling to the nth degree over Episode 1 of W-Two Worlds.  And no, it is not just because Lee Jong Suk is one of my biases… although that doesn’t hurt.  The boy does beautiful angst really well.  So come join us as we jump into another recapping adventure and let our inner fangirl run free. Continue reading