Podcast #1 – End of Year Review: Sageuks and Breakout Stars

It’s officially here!  Come join us as we chat this year’s dramas in our very first podcast.  Continue reading


Hwarang’s 2nd Teaser Finally Catches My Attention

Now this is what Hwarang should have been popping out in it’s teasers from the start.  Forget trying to create some epic historical full of angst and politicking, all while our leads are stuck wearing buy in bulk wigs…..Sorry, that was never going to really fly for this viewer.  I demand bromantic fighting and a huffy historic version of a principal trying to keep them in line instead.  That is a drama I can get behind. Continue reading

Hwarang’s 1st Teaser Introduces our New Saguek Hottie Warriors


It looks like I am going to have to somehow get past the fact that the stylist decided that every guy should be wearing the same wig.  For a culture that is known for the complex development of the male hairstyle, you would think they would put a bit more effort into it… but regardless of my Mane of Glory thoughts, Hwarang is on its way to premiering and we get our first glimpse of what is to come. Continue reading