New Trailer for “Imaginary Cat” Brings Forth the Cute Furry Fun

a6GACK!!!!  Just when I was done spazzing about the latest Yoo Seung Ho “Remember” stills  we get hit with a new “Imaginary Cat” trailer.  In other words, the fangirl spazzing continues!  You might be wondering what new delights the full minute trailer brings us?  Well let me just tell you …….. in probably more detail than a 60 sec trailer deserves (sorry, can’t stop the YSH fangirl train). Continue reading

Can You Ever Have Enough Yoo Seung Ho? “Imaginary Cat” Trailers, Stills, & Casting News!

collage1ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  How much Yoo Seung Ho news can my heart take in one day?  Obviously the kdrama gods are testing me since not only do we get stills from his new movie “Joseon Magician” and two (count them TWO) leading lady castings confirmed. But we also get the adorable first teaser for his November drama “Imaginary Cat”.  I don’t think it is an exaggeration when I say that everything is coming up Yoo Seung Ho right now. Continue reading