Chatty Recap: Hotel Del Luna Eps 15&16 (Finale)

Last week we focused on the bridge to the afterlife, but this week it’s really all about Hotel Del Luna and those that inhabit her. Was it 1,300 years of Man Wol stuck in a prison, or could it have been a very long therapy session sponsored by a bunch of nosy sisters?

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: My Mister

Gather ’round, y’all, and I’ll tell you a little tale from grad school. As I was earning my master’s degree in English, I had to read many, many books that people thought were the best form of art. Some were great — excellent characters, good humor, moments of lightness, and a well-resolved ending. Some, often extolled as high art or literary fiction, were about the worst of people making the worst of choices and brooding about it for pages in lyrically moody settings.

Guess which kind I hated? If you said literary fiction, or lit fic for short, you can anoint yourself with a gold star. So, read on and see what lit fic and My Mister have in common, and what Kmuse and I think from the first few episodes we watched.

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