One More Happy Ending Episode 16 (Finale) – What Have We Learned?

25We are at the end!  After 16 episodes of Mi Mo’s ups and downs, we will finally have our Happily Ever After. Sadly, it takes a lot more to get there than expected for someone who had previously flitted into relationships like a hummingbird searching for nectar. But get there we do.  So please join me as I discuss the five things that we learned from this episode and my thoughts on the drama as a whole.  Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 15-Bait and Switch

19.jpgOne More Happy Ending, the once bright star of a drama has fallen to the depths of drama despair (at least for this blogger……….and yes, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I am having to literally force myself to watch this episode for blogging purposes so despair is apt at this moment……..let me have it).  Mi Mo’s ex-husband is marrying Soo Hyuk’s sister which means our OTP is DOOMED.  Right?  Well, let’s do a quick recap and find out if kdrama fate has melodrama-ed our couple out of their happy ending.  Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 13 – How you have failed me, let me count the ways.

s21I think I am going to have to call it on this drama.  I have been making excuses for mediocre writing for a few weeks now, but the ending scene was just the final blow that killed my interest.  I will continue watching and hoping that it is bearable, but with only one week to go, I doubt it will be able to come back from the metaphorical grave that is my interest. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 12 – A Recap of Random Thoughts & Speculations

a29.pngThank goodness this episode was a slight improvement over our last.  Sadly, that does not set the bar very high and we still seem to go at a snail’s pace.  Mi Mo is mopey, Not Hot Doc is whiny, and Soo Hyuk seems to have lost some of the spunk he had before going to the US.  I wonder if the writer has any pep left in her plotting?  I guess we will just have to trudge through these last few episodes to find out.   Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 11 -Its a Rantfest

b11.jpgIf you were a huge fan of today’s episode, this might not be the review for you because I got a tiny bit ranty.  There just reaches a point in a show where things need to get moving and sadly, One More Happy Ending has stomped all over that point and then sat down and had a huge cryfest.  So proceed with caution if you don’t want to get my true feelings about where we are in the drama and let’s all pray that this is a outlier and things will get back on track ASAP. So join me as I switch things around and countdown my top rants rather than raves. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 10 – One Guy is Hot and One is Not.

r18.pngSometimes I feel that we are moving at a snails pace as we viewers wait for Mi Mo to figure out what everyone else knows.  Soo Hyuk is perfect and Not Hot Doc, not so much.  At least this episode we have finally made a bit of progress and while I am not sure if Mi Mo is ready to jump into Soo Hyuk’s arms, a blogger can hope.  For a drama that had our leads almost married and divorced in the first two episodes, they sure have been taking their sweet time giving us more OTP payout.  Let’s speed up the pace just a bit writers, I want to see some cute make-out moments before the last episode. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 9 – I Can’t Make You Love Me


It is finally time for Mi Mo to come down from La La Land and face reality, and her love life, head on.  Kinda, sorta, OK…. she tends to be more of the dithering heroine who doesn’t want to let go of a sure thing.  But there is hope that Soo Hyuk’s loving actions are starting to finally pop Mi Mo’s love bubble.  Making our heroine realize that there is a big difference between words and actions when it comes to love. Continue reading