Fangirls’ Japanese Drama Review: Don’t Call It Mystery

When is a mystery not a mystery? I’m dying to know because I was totally intrigued by the title of this Japanese drama. Here’s a hint: it’s a mystery! Okay, sorry for the bad Dad Joke, but I’m almost finished with this drama, and it’s totally a mystery. Based on the famous crime-mystery manga Mystery to Iunakare by Tamura Yumi, this drama revolves around college student Kuno Totono. Heads up: spoilers ahead! Also, this is a review and not a recap, so while there are spoilers, it’s not a full summary of what happens.

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Todome no Kiss (Kiss That Kills)

Japanese dramas are usually not on my radar as much as Chinese or Korean. But every now and then something just catches my eye and I have to give it a try. OK, I’ll admit that I am watching this because the leading man looks really really hot in this poster. Luckily, the drama turned out to be top notch and I can’t get enough of Todome no Kiss. Come find out why I think you should join me for this fun and quirky descent into smooch induced time leaps. Continue reading

I Am Reiko Shiratori! Japanese Drama Review

I Am Reiko Shiratori! is a fun show to watch with kids. It’s about Reiko, a nineteen-year-old girl who has unlimited money, can talk her parents into anything, and whose only problem is that she told the boy she likes that she won’t go out with him. It was adapted from a manga that was written for teen and pre-teen girls, and is really targeted to that age. It retains many of the qualities of a comic book, with a lot of magical-looking special effects. Just expect it to be silly!

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