First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Designated Survivor: 60 Days

The latest drama to be adapted from a US show has hit the airways and for once it is actually being subbed. Which means we can check out Designated Survivor: 60 Days and see how they adapted the underling to president story line for an Asian viewer. So come find out if it is worth watching as I share my first impressions and unfiltered thoughts.

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1st Teaser for Upcoming Rom-Com Second to Last Love Looks Quirky


We have a new weekend romantic comedy coming our way starring Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair) and Ji Jin Hee (I Have A Lover) as an OTP (one true pairing) who has avoided love til they are firmly out of their youthful years.  Second to Last Love is yet another drama riding on the “Ahjumma Romance” genre train that has been so popular in the last year.  And judging from the trailer, people are idiots regarding love whether it is in your teens or forties. Continue reading