Podcast 140: The Fangirls Review of The Devil Judge

What happens when the court system is no longer run by judges or a jury but broadcast live and voted on American Idol style? A thrilling ride! Throw in Ji Sung adorned in a plethora of sexy robes and you have The Devil Judge. There was so much that we loved about this show and the three of us couldn’t pass up chatting about the entire drama after it finished. Spoiler free section is at the beginning and then we give you are warning and spill all the delicious tidbits about the show.

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First Impression: The Devil Judge

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if Shin Se Ge got his own drama? Chaos and guyliner galore. Well, the writer and director of The Devil Judge may have been among those people who dared to imagine. This drama is FLASHY, with edgy cinematography that makes a car chase feel like a tripped out dream. Especially, when Ji Sung’s character gets out of his sports car and grabs a sledge hammer from his trunk. Will you want to join the game or is this drama not your style?

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The Maknae’s Journey through the Classics: Kill Me, Heal Me

My husband and I often talk about psychology and mental health. We took a few classes together in college and he has a master’s degree in a psychology-related field. We’ve talked about how it seems like Korean culture doesn’t really have an open dialogue about things like depression and anxiety. So when I talked his ear off about Kill Me, Heal Me, his first comment was, “I thought kdramas didn’t deal with mental health!” I laughed. Kill Me, Heal Me is aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll about the mental health! And I loved it the whole time I was watching it.

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1st Impressions: Defendant


Defendant premiered last week and I had to force myself to watch.  Mostly because I was in the mood for a romantic comedy and not a suspense drama.  But the power of Ji Sung is strong and despite my craving for fluff I put my big girl pants on and pushed play.  I am so glad I did because not only was this drama worth watching but it also became my #1 currently airing drama.  So join me as I give you a quick (spoiler free) rundown of the pros and cons of Defendant. Continue reading