Throwback Thursday: Kmuse’s Musings- Top 6 Steamiest Moments (February 2017)


With all the chatting about romantic dramas I started to think about other valentines day inspired topics I could write about.  And what is more appropriate than to share my favorite adult sexy times drama moments?  These scenes were definitely more involved than an open-eyed smooch.  Come join me and see if your favorite made the list.

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: LUCA: The Beginning

Are you in the mood for a sci-fi thriller that feels like the better parts of Are You Human Too? and Where Stars Land? Did you love the moodiness and layered depth of Watcher? And, last but not least, do you like female characters who are independent and capable and male characters who accept them and treat them with respect? (Of course you do, because you are a discerning drama watcher!) Then come see if LUCA: The Beginning is the drama for you!

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Throwback Thursday: Dramas You Should Watch-Mask

As I sit here in January of 2021, I’m remembering a time when I was an avid reader of a Kdrama blog called The Crazy Ahjummas. They were recapping a drama that I was deeply invested in called Mask. This drama had it all, mystery, doppelgangers, an OTP with amazing chemistry, and the best part, villainous villains! Stay with me as I run through the high points of why you should watch this masterpiece of mystery and intrigue. Beware, there are mild spoilers ahead.

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