March 2022 Teaser Roundup

March has some high-quality offerings headed our way, drama fans! What will you be adding to your watch list in the month of luck?

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First Impression: You Are My Spring

Spring means many things to different people, but most of the time, it signals a new start in your life. Kang Da Jung could really use a new beginning in her dating life, having always picked crappy men to date, and then she meets Chae Jun. Instead of finally finding a nice guy, she’s faced with a possible murder suspect. Sounds more like she’s back in the horrible cycle she’s always been in, but fortunately for her, Joo Young Do is there to help her move on from her trauma and maybe start something fresh post-divorce for himself.

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The Guest: A Special Twitter Edition First Impression Post

Sometimes a drama rolls around and you watch, you contemplate, and you go to Twitter to live tweet your reactions.  Yes, Hand: The Guest (I will just be calling it The Guest for the rest of the post) is that kind of drama.  So sit back and enjoy as I search twitter for the best tweets to try and describe my feelings on this drama.  Because sometimes what you say while you in the middle of watching turns out to be the most entertaining thing you can say. Continue reading