MOVIE REVIEW – Mission: Possible

Mission: Possible was the winner of my What should I watch for my birthday? Twitter poll, and let me tell you: that poll was DEAD ON. Take a goofy Korean PI and a rookie Chinese undercover operative, throw in some guns and a rather interesting motive, and you have a movie that is absolutely perfect for me. (The voters have impeccable taste.) Come see if Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin’s Mission: Possible antics might just work for you too!

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Heartbreak and Hotties Highlighted in Man Living in My House 3rd Teaser


I am very interested in Man Living in My House (Sweet Stranger and Me) after watching all the promos.  The concept of a heartbroken women heading back to her childhood home and discovering an unknown step-dad (who just happens to be her age) is unique.  And since I am sure there will be some type of valid reason why he married her mom that doesn’t give me the icky feelz (there better be a reason or I will be cranky.) I am anticipating their romance. Continue reading