First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Room No. 9

Two powerful actresses headlining a drama? Yes, please!! Kdrama Jen and Drama Geek scooped this first impression up and are delighted to bring you a drama with a little less romance, a lot more body swapping, and some murderous intrigue on the side.

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Heartbreak and Hotties Highlighted in Man Living in My House 3rd Teaser


I am very interested in Man Living in My House (Sweet Stranger and Me) after watching all the promos.  The concept of a heartbroken women heading back to her childhood home and discovering an unknown step-dad (who just happens to be her age) is unique.  And since I am sure there will be some type of valid reason why he married her mom that doesn’t give me the icky feelz (there better be a reason or I will be cranky.) I am anticipating their romance. Continue reading