Viki & KOCOWA team up in new streaming plan.


The saga continues! In a move that some saw coming, but I didn’t, Kocowa has partnered with Viki to offer their new content at a higher monthly price. Which kind of makes me wonder why Kocowa was created in the first place.  Come join me as I chat about the new plan and what that means for viewers.

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Surprise! It’s KOCOWA!


Is it the end of the Kdrama World as we know it or will KOCOWA provide us with even more variety, more accurate subtitles, and faster access to the dramas we love?  If you have been fretting and worrying about the impact of KOCOWA, then sit back and read. Kdrama Jen is here to answer all of your burning questions about this new streaming site from “The Big Three” drama stations in Korea..;a1 Continue reading