The Fangirl’s Movie Review: The Witch Part 1: The Subversion

Are you looking for a suspenseful movie that stars a talented new actress and Choi Woo Shik with amazing hair? Then look no further than The Witch Part 1. Come find out what we felt about the movie and if this is your next must see film.

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The Fangirl’s Movie Review: As One

With the Olympics coming right up, there is a lot of interest in North and South Korea working together as a joint team.  An example of how that has turned out in the past is played out in the 2012 movie, As One. It tells the true story of the World Table Tennis Championships in Japan in 1991, when the two Koreas sent a joint team. Two players, Hyun Jung-Hwa from the South and Ri Bun-Hui from the North, who had previously faced each other as rivals in regional games, overcame their differences and famously became friends.

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