Top 5 Kpop MVs: Bring Me Those Strong Voices

Sometimes I just need to listen to singers that could fill a stadium with the sound of their compelling voices, people who sing with their entire bodies, not just their vocal cords. (Onew, “Nessum Dorma”, Tokyo Dome. Still gives me chills.) Come see if the videos I have for you this week fit the bill!

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A Fangirl Gets Her Groove On with K-Kardio

I LOVE to dance! Usually, my Saturday mornings are spent at my local K-pop dance class, where we learn the latest chorus choreography from freshly released K-pop music videos. But as our city is currently sheltering-in-place, classes have been put on hold. So what’s a girl to do when she’s just gotta dance?! Well, come check out the awesome YouTube channel, K-Kardio, with me and see how you can get your groove on too!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Variations

What I love about any kind of art is seeing how people take it and bend it in different ways. Combining traditional sounds and modern expression, trying a beloved song in different formats, pairing a behind-the-scenes video with a popular B-side — all of these variations found their way onto my YouTube feed and I had to share. Come and see if you like them as much as I do!

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Top 5: BTS Explores “Black Swan”

“A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.”

Martha Graham

One of the things I love most about BTS is their vulnerability. It seems that once they started finding their style and expressing their own thoughts, there have been deep themes about connection and loss and the imminent end on the horizon, the feeling that the wave they’re riding won’t last forever. 

Their new song, “Black Swan”, explores this theme in depth, beginning with that soul-wrenching quote from Martha Graham. Come see what all the hype is about — I promise it’s worth it!

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