Vampire Detective Episode 12 (Finale) – Good Riddance

d14.jpgWell if nothing else you have to admit it stayed crappy to the end.  Which makes for a kind of boring recap.  So Drama Geek and I (we are teaming up to get this recap done as fast as possible……………we need our lives back) are going to recap/discuss the last episode in between memes that express how we are feeling right now.  Because really you should be able to be entertained, even if we weren’t. So come join us as we chat Vampire Detective episode 12. Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 11 – She’s Not Worth It

g10.pngI never thought I would ever have to utter this phrase but…… Blood might not be the worst Vampire kdrama out there.  VD is quickly overtaking that unwanted thrown with its huge plot holes and unsympathetic characters.  Even leading man San is on my last nerves and the only thing keeping me from panning this drama completely is Lee Joon’s acting abilities.  Sadly, in order to act, you need some character development which Vampire Detective refuses to create so……….  Thankfully we are so close to the end I can taste the freedom so join me one last time while I discuss the stupidity that is Episode 11. Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 9 -A Nonsensical Recap

g5.pngWhat the fudge did I just watch?  I was frustrated with many of the choppy editing moments from last week.  But after a few rewinds, I was at least able to make sense of a sub-par plot.  But this episode is a whole other level of nonsense mystery.  Why did 90% of this mystery even happen?  It makes no sense whatsoever. So instead of having an actual six-point recap of episode 9, I am going to just ramble randomly about my confusion and frustration.  Because this was just dumb. Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 5 – The Starlet and the Bodyguard

s3.pngNow that I realize that the vamp story line is going to involve mopey not dead girlfriend, I am more than OK watching an episode with little to no vamping.  Especially when San ends up having some pretty great chemistry with the top actress he is busy bodyguarding. Is it too late to throw in the vampire story line and switch to something similar to The Bodyguard?  It is?  SIGH…… I guess I will just take my drama happiness where I can find it and stretch out the feelz of episode 5.  Come join me as I chat about my favorite moments! Continue reading

Vampire Detective Episode 3 – Dragons and Chainsaws

b12.pngSo……I have a bit of a confession.  Despite the hotness of Lee Joon, I am not totally feeling this drama.  It isn’t that it is bad, but there is just not that gripping intensity that I was expecting.  Where is the angst over being a vamp?  Heck, for the most part, I am not sure if his life has really changed at all since the “incident”.  Other than the fact that he isn’t dead.  But is that enough to really make me invested in this characters quest?  So far, the answer is a resounding NO. Continue reading