Live Episode 8: What is Loyalty

There are some interesting revelations in this episode and some questions to ponder. What is loyalty? Does it show loyalty to volunteer to take the blame? Is it about being there for your partner in times of crisis? Is loyalty yielding the field to a love rival who is also your friend? All this and more is explored in Episode 8.

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Live Episode 4 Recap: Going By the Book

The others have introduced themselves, so I guess it is my turn. In case you are new to the blog or never took the time to peruse my bio, here is a little about me. I am Kdrama Jen. I have been watching Kdramas since 2006. (Yes, it was back before streaming sites were as ubiquitous and we had to scour the big bad internets for our favorite shows.) I love dramas with really great acting and tightly written scripts, and I enjoy blogging about my first impressions and the random thoughts that come to me as I watch. I especially love it when I can connect from one drama to the next–either concepts, actors, or themes. I have a day job that forces me to use my brain, so I freely admit that I sometimes watch dramas that are NOT tightly written or do NOT have stellar acting. I have a soft spot for idol dramas, and sometimes those are just fluffy, but I love them anyway. Don’t judge me. Continue reading

Live Episode 1 Recap: Overcoming Life’s Trials

The Asian police drama trauma of Kmuse.  I am telling you that this is a real thing.  So often I will go into a show and be driven batty by stupid/unrealistic cops who do stupid/unrealistic things.  So when we were discussing what drama to recap next I was slightly hesitant about picking a show which is focused solely on the police.  But, it turns out that this drama is more about surviving and overcoming obstacles, which I am totally into.  So join me as I recap the first episode of what is hopefully to be a wonderful and enriching drama experience. Continue reading