Legend of the Blue Sea Recap: Episode 14 & 15



There was a lot of great plot movement this week!  Not that I don’t love watching our OTP (one true pairing) be awesome but when you have twenty episodes it is nice when other things begin to happen as well.  So come join us as we discuss running plotline jokes, ridiculous fated meetings, and everything else that happens in Ep 14 & 15. Continue reading

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 9 & 10: A Highlight Recap


It was a week of mediocre kisses and great plot movement as our mermaid and hero become closer emotionally.  Unfortunately for our OTP (one true pairing), danger in the form of reincarnated bad guys also comes closer as they attempt to end our couples love story…..permanently, or at least until the next reincarnation.  Join us as we chat all our favorite moments of Episodes 9 & 10. Continue reading

We Have a Mermaid Sighting in Legend of the Blue Sea 1st Teaser


Scam artist Lee Min Ho and Mermaid  Jun Ji Hyun are getting me all excited for upcoming fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea.  This teaser is a visual delight and we get a glimpse at the upcoming story.  Which I appreciate since before this all I knew about this drama is that it is Mermaid themed.  That and Lee Min Ho…… to be honest, they pretty much had me at Lee Min Ho. Continue reading