Legend of Fuyao Chatty Recap (Episodes 17-24)

We are so excited to chat about this week’s events!  Legend of Fuyao continues to leave us thrilled and in awe by mixing great storytelling and dynamic actors.  And most importantly, our flirty king WuJi was often shirtless!  Let’s hear it for the important things in life. Continue reading

Legend of Fuyao Episodes 1-8: A Chatty Recap

Legend of Fuyao is the drama that just keeps on giving.  Not only is it a show that has oodles of chemistry between Fuyao (Yang Mi) & literally everyone.  But it is a drama that has convinced us to do our first long episode count recap.  In our own style of course.  So come join The Fangirls as we do our first ever Chatty Recap about episode 1-8 of the Legend of Fuyao. Continue reading