Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 3 & 4


We have falling in love part 2 as our amnesiac genius must figure out who our quirky mermaid is yet again.  Did The Fangirls love this plot twist?  Do we wish we could give ourselves a quick dose of amnesia and forget parts of this week’s episode?  Come find out as we discuss all the biggest plot points of episode 3 & 4 of our mermaid drama. Continue reading

We Have a Mermaid Sighting in Legend of the Blue Sea 1st Teaser


Scam artist Lee Min Ho and Mermaid  Jun Ji Hyun are getting me all excited for upcoming fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea.  This teaser is a visual delight and we get a glimpse at the upcoming story.  Which I appreciate since before this all I knew about this drama is that it is Mermaid themed.  That and Lee Min Ho…… to be honest, they pretty much had me at Lee Min Ho. Continue reading