Classic Tropes and New Chinese Dramas

It has been years since I have really been sucked into a modern Chinese drama so imagine my surprise when I suddenly find myself watching two. The Day of Becoming You and My Fated Boy have both become must-watch shows for me, and I am pretty sure it is due to their observance of classic drama tropes. Namely, soul swap and Noona (yes, I know that this is a Korean term, but I don’t know if there is a Chinese equivalent, so I’m going with it.) romance. So come find out why these tropes are working so well for me and whether you should join me in watching.

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The Eternal Love Episodes 1-3 (A Positive Recap)

.;a1a2s4a4We’re back and checking out the latest Chinese web series craze that all of social media seems to be talking about. Namely, the web drama The Eternal Love. Not only are we recapping, but upon deciding that we were sick of having to pull apart dramas for our weekly reviews, we decided to take a different approach. Did your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have something positive to say then say nothing at all? Well, we are taking that saying to heart and only saying positive things this time around. Sure that might mean that we spend a lot of time waxing poetic about the leading man’s hair. Or maybe there is a flower sitting in the background that we find quite winsome. No matter what, we will bite our lips and only be cheerful and positive for these recaps. Come hell or high water…..even if it kills us to contain our inner snark. Hmm, I think we all need to pray that this drama has a lot of positive and little negative if we are going to survive. So without further ado, let’s dive into the positive surrounding the first three episodes. Continue reading