General and I Releases Stunning Posters and Trailer


I am so excited to watch the upcoming Chinese drama General and I after viewing the latest posters and trailer. All of the promotions have hit the right spot to suck viewers in.  The posters are stunning and you can feel the emotion coming from the characters and I personally can not wait for this drama to start. Continue reading

“Signal” Releases Long Trailer Chock Full of Suspense and Intrigue


I was determined that I was going to go into this drama without checking out the episode 0 (airing this week following the finale of Answer Me 1988) or the long trailer.  That is until the long trailer came out and I couldn’t resist a quick peak.  Which became a six-minute peak since I was glued to my seat.  Completing the long trailer, I can officially say I am even more excited for this drama.  A feat that I had assumed was impossible. Continue reading