Don’t Leave the Maknae Unattended: Love O2O

When we were migrating the blog over to the new platform a while back, I kept seeing the posts on Love O2O show up. I didn’t read them because my maknae self said, “Holy CRAP, Chinese dramas are LONG.”

HA. Then I watched Legend of Fu Yao and I realized that 30 episodes was NOTHING.

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Podcast #53 – What the Fangirls are Watching -January 2019 Edition

Kdrama Jen swears that the secret question kdrama fans use to identify each other in the wild is, “What are you watching?” With the new crop of dramas, The Fangirls have done the unthinkable — they’re actually watching DIFFERENT dramas! Come listen to what we’re watching, let us know what YOU are watching, and we’ll all eat kimchi together. Or something.

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