Squad 38 Episode 7 -It’s a Dog Eat Dog World


It is a fast-paced hour where we find out plot twists that we didn’t even realize happened as well as some pretty huge fallout from certain events of last week.  Who knew that tax collecting would be more stressful lifestyle when compared to the life of a conman? Continue reading

Squad 38 Episode 3 – How to Create The Perfect Conman Bromance

h13.pngOur conning duo is officially in the dating bromance stage of their relationship.  You know, the one where you still try to keep secrets from the other to make you look better.  They are going on interesting dates that include dank warehouses, scary thugs, and learning how to perfect the con.  Now all they need to do is actually start taking down Bankrupt Baddie which is easier said than done. Continue reading

Squad 38 Episode 1 – The Taxman Cometh


It was a solid first episode for the new Seo In Guk (WOOHOO!) drama Squad 38.  And while Seo In Guk might have had less screen time than I expected this first hour, the reason for his character’s future actions was artfully executed.  So join me as I chat Squad 38 episode 1 and do a ton of fangirling in between.  Because what would a Seo In Guk drama be without Kmuse fangirling to the max? Continue reading