WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week

s20.pngWe have found out that even Fangirls occasionally have a non-fangirl moment where we really can’t do anything but lament at how our favorite dramas/actors/Kmovies/etc go off the deep end into what the fudge territory.  And of course, these moments need to be discussed so we can get past our grumps and be positive fangirls in the future. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Hate Madame Antoine

a4.jpgSome of my more discerning Kbesties dropped this drama after the first episode (or even the first 20 minutes).  I was already stuck on the treadmill, so I kept watching.  I totally get why some people did not stick around.  Once again our leading man (Sung Joon) is sporting a turtleneck and engaged in some shady psychology stuff.  I did not enjoy him as a creepy hypnotist in the last show I saw him in, and seeing him with the same smarmy grin in this one turned me off a bit.  He is also playing a cold and emotionally unavailable jerk.  He doesn’t believe in love, and he is hiding behind his quasi-science to prove how people can be manipulated into falling in love.  So, yeah.  He is not the most endearing character.  So, why am I still watching? Continue reading

‘Madame Antoine’ Releases 1st Teaser and Cute Interaction With Fans.

ssI am still not sure if Madame Antoine which stars, Han Ye Seul & Sung Joon, are going to have chemistry together.  But I sure do love the visual vibe of the drama.  The eclectic gypsy style is new and visually entertaining.  And these teasers, while being just teasers, are still cute.  I especially like the special heart rate test.  That is a cute intro for the actors. Continue reading

A Side of Kdrama Gossip #4

collage.jpgKmuse here, spending way too much of the time I should be sleeping, checking out my kdrama social media.  But since I am already awake, I figured I would throw out a quick Kdrama Gossip post since it has been a while since we last released one due to the End of Year reviews.  Sadly, I am flying solo, this time,  since the other Fangirls are smart and snug in their beds.  But please join me as I chat about the latest stills, gossip, and other random stuff happening in Kdramaland.

Continue reading