Top Kpop MVs: 3, 2, 1. . . Pick Your Player!

Hello – 안녕, fellow Kpop lovers!!! Visiting friends and family might have kept me busy playing hostess over the last couple of months, but that didn’t stop me from adding a TON of new music to my playlists.  Boy groups & girl groups, bands, duets, and solo stars – it was so hard to pick my faves!! Ready to check out some new tracks?? 가자 – Let’s gooooo!!! 

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5 Years of DWASOK: Kpop Edition

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary this week! I can’t believe that we have all been kbesties and blogging together for so many years. To celebrate, we will have five days of posts reflecting over our favorites shows, couples, kpop, etc. over the last five years. We are also going to have an awesome giveaway, so join us as we start with our favorite Kpop. Hint… there is going to be a lot of BTS!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: ONEWE Does All the Covers! Except One

I love the concept of bands covering other bands’ songs. When done well, covers can be a tribute to the talents of the original band, and yet still leaves room for the band doing the covering to show off their own particular talents. 

After falling down a ONEWE rabbit hole the other day, I found several covers they’ve done that I love! Come see if ONEWE is good at honoring the work of the artists before them, and good at putting their own spin on things. You probably already know what I think….

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