Mane of Glory #22: Arthdal Chronicles Ep 11&12

It’s the end of season 2 (felt like season 2 just started) and it is time to get ready to bid our favorite characters goodbye til September. Find out where we stand as we head into our mane of glory hiatus.

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Fangirl Stalking: Ji Soo

Early in my kdrama career, I watched Scarlet Heart, closely followed by Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I was young(er), I was impressionable, and there was this one common denominator between the two dramas — Ji Soo. There’s plenty of eye candy in both dramas, of course, but Ji Soo’s playful gravity, combined with his warm good looks, drew my attention. So come join me as I indulge in a little fangirl stalking of Ji Soo.

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