Kmuse’s Musings : Cheating on Cable

FotorCreated.jpgI don’t know if I am just in some kind of drama funk, or if it is just random happenstance that I have no interest in 95% of all the new cable shows available.  Whatever the reason, I am going to be taking a 3-month break and checking out my other options. Continue reading

Upcoming Drama “Bad Tempered Grown Ups” Sneaks in 1st Teaser

d2.pngI will admit that this drama was not at all on my radar and the information I have on it (sorry, still do not read Korean) is very sketchy.  So with that in mind, I don’t want to give a ton of drama details that might prove false.  Especially since there was a lot of conflicting data about character personalities and such.   So watch the teaser and make your own opinions. Continue reading