Drama Teasers of the Week

The next wave of dramas is coming in February! Which means we have a bunch of new teasers to watch. Which ones are tempting you to check out?

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Kmuse’s Musings: Current Dramas Pros and Cons


I am back to a full drama schedule which is awesome!  For a while there I was worried since I was down from 20 dramas to only 4.  A literal dramaland drought for this kaddict.  In celebration I thought it would be fun to go through all the shows I am watching and do a quick (spoiler free) pros and cons in case you all are trying to find a show to start.  So come join me as we chat some drama! Continue reading

Monster Episode 10 – Love & War……Mostly War

10.pngThere are so many battle cry moments in this episode that there was little room for plot movement.  We also have a bunch of stupid hospital stuff going on but I hate that even more than office politics so I will ignore the sick.  Just like the big wigs do.  See I am totally channeling my inner chaebol.  Now if I just was Korean…. and had money……and maybe owned a hospital or two.   Continue reading