Flower of Evil: First Impression and Unfiltered Thoughts

Hold on to your hats Lee Joon Gi fans; he’s looking healthier than ever and very Eeee-vil. I started the drama thinking that I’d spend the entire episode hoping he’s not as bad as the posters make it seem, and that’s exactly what happened. He melts my heart anytime he acts with his little girl (same as when he was in Two Weeks), but he’s keeping us on our toes with a sinister glint in his eye in almost every scene. Is the flower really evil, or are we being lead on a wild serial killer chase?

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Mama Fairy and Woodcutter

If you’ve been around watching Kdramas for a few years, then you know that silly and ridiculous plots are not new or innovative. I remember finishing my very first kdrama episode, and was left  wondering what on earth I’d just watched. I had a very smilier feeling when I finished Mama Fairy. But, I gave it one more episode and by the end I was hooked on the cute little cat and her sweet mama fairy. Continue reading