Podcast #124: Fangirl Stalking Kim So Hyun

It is about that time where the Fangirls stalk one of our favorite onscreen people, and this time it’s Kim So Hyun, who is about to star in River Where the Moon Rises. Come find out which of her dramas are must what and which ones you might want to skip.

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Jen and Karie’s Delightful Repartee: The Moon Embracing the Sun

Karie the Maknae: So Kdrama Jen said I should watch a thing. I trusted her and watched the thing. And now we will banter about it while she makes my head spin with all the Korean names.

Kdrama Jen: Hey, I am simply trying to educate our Maknae.  It’s not my fault they happened to cast both Kim So Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in the same drama.  But, seriously.  What did you think?  Moon Embracing the Sun is an absolute must-watch because you get to see so many of the current big name stars when they were just young foals galloping around dramaland.  

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