Podcast 90: The Dating Game: Hot Serial Killer Edition

Happy Late Valentine’s Day!! The Fangirls thought you needed a side of serial killer to go with last week’s celebration of love. If Kdramas can do it, why can’t we? Join us as we play the dating game using Kdrama serial killers as our bachelors. Tell us who your favorite hottie Kdrama serial killer would be, and we can pick the perfect romantic date for you, too!

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Our Romantic Rectangle Heats up in New Teaser for Beast’s Beauty

k2.pngAHHH  They all look so cute!  Especially leading lady, Min Ah who plays ugly ducking Gong Shim.  Her aggressively spunky personality in the trailers just makes me so happy and has 100% convinced me to give this drama a try.  The other three actors ( Nam Goong Min, Ohn Joo Wan, & Seo Hyo Rim) who join our romantic rectangle also are holding their own making this drama look like my new Saturday crack. Continue reading