First Impressions and Random Thoughts: Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Sometimes in life, a drama comes around that just hits you with all the feels, especially during times of great stress. If ever there was a universal time of great stress it would be now. So, if you need something to watch that will get you in a more hopeful frame of mind, this might be the show for you.

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First Impression: Start-Up

I am here to admit for the entire Kimchi clan that we did NOT do our job with upcoming dramas and realizing that writer Park Hye Ryun had a new drama coming out. In our defense, October has been the dramapalooza of drama months. We also missed the fact that she teamed up with her While You Were Sleeping director for this one. As penance, we are prepared to share with you ALL the pretty screen shots we can for our first impression.

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Drama Review- Radiant

Never judge a drama by its synopsis.

I have started so many dramas in the past couple of months, prepared to watch a certain story line or genre based on the plot synopsis. After beginning, though, I come to find what I was promised and what I’m actually watching are two entirely different things.  Sometimes, unfulfilled expectations can be super frustrating. And sometimes, they can give you the gift of a fantastic drama you may not have pushed play on otherwise.  Radiant is one of these dramas.  Nothing could have prepared me for the journey I embarked on.  (And that’s probably a good thing!)  Come join DramaGeek and I as we share our thoughts on this hidden gem.

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