One More Happy Ending Episode 7 -Happily Ever After is Hard to Find

b8So many strong emotions are drifting around in this episode and becoming a pillar between everyone’s love stands one selfish Not Hot Doc who is clinging onto his one sided love with the grip of a leach.  OK, so I might be a bit biased (still) but who wouldn’t be when two people obviously belong with each other? Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 5 – I Choose Chicken and Beer

b16.pngYAY! It is as if the writers listened to all my complaints and fixed them this episode.  Or at least, fixed them enough where I wasn’t constantly rolling my eyes the whole 60 minutes.  So…progress!  Now, if we can just get rid of annoying Hot Doc and hook up our OTP, life will be good.  Sadly, with a girl as dense as Mi Mo it might take some serious fate intervening to make her give up the sure thing for the right guy. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 4 – Jung Kyung Ho is Uber Hot

b8.pngJealousy, touched with just a tad bit of wistfulness, abounds as Soo Hyuk realizes he might have missed the boat with Mi Mo.  And this blogger has discovered that jealous cranky Soo Hyuk might be my favorite Soo Hyuk mode.  Followed by sweet Soo Hyuk and drunk Soo Hyuk.  Oh, what the heck, Soo Hyuk is always just perfect and literally the guy next door.  Mi Mo needs to get her perfect guy radar checked ASAP. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 3: I Like You Better When You’re Drunk


15.pngWell, this episode was interesting.  I am not 100% positive that it was a good interesting since I am still a tiny bit twerked at the direction the show is taking.  The drama continues to rush forward at the speed of light (or, at least, a normal speed dating meet and greet) as we see our leading lady jump head first into love lust for the third time in as many episodes.  I am pretty sure at this point I just want to see our leading lady jump onto a therapist’s couch where she can pause and contemplate some of those feelings that are bursting about her head.  Continue reading

A Neurotic New Teaser From “One More Happy Ending”

1.pngI don’t know why it is so hard to find the teasers for this drama, but I have finally managed to hunt down the newest glimpse into our world of matchmaking.  Hopefully, it will stay up and not get pulled like other links I have seen.  Sadly, I have a tiny bit of a headache so won’t be waxing poetic like I want to…..if you want more info on the show, check my previous post HERE. Continue reading

Spreading the “One More Happy Ending” Love


Could this drama look anymore whimsical and cute?  Pretty much every photo I see for this drama makes me happy.  With that said, I am really sad that MBC is really dropping the ball on creating any buzz.  One More Happy Ending is looking like it will be so much fun.  My solution is to do my own little promotion since I really hope this show does well.  That and any drama that goes to the effort of having such cute clothes deserves a shout-out.  I pretty much want every outfit seen in these Instagram pics. Continue reading