Ouroboros Episode 5: A Quickie Recap


Life has been crazy busy lately and I am so sorry regarding the delay in my recaps.  So in order to play catch up I am giving you episode 5 the abridged version.  Luckily this episode was slow on the mass murder side of things and heavy in the moral decision-making which will allow me to breeze through so you and I can move onward.  Continue reading

Ouroboros Episode 2 – The Wrong Path Taken


We had great progress this episode as we watched our two dragons fight against society’s concepts of forgiveness and what it means to stay on the right path.  Especially when the right path seems to be littered with those killed or hurt by  society’s worst scum.  It makes our anti-heroes question their vigilante motivation and makes us viewers wonder if our leads are really heroes, or only more of society’s drudges.  We also get some very appreciated fan service, via a bath house scene, which helps a lot in distracting us from the fact that we are rooting for murderers. Continue reading