Page Turner Episode 3 (Final) – A Satisfying Performance

b21.pngThis episode was very emotionally satisfying.  I know that there will be a lot of people that wanted romances and a perfect ending, wrapped with a bow and feel the show didn’t deliver.  I am from the other standpoint that for only being three episodes we got a perfect ending that left me happy.  And sure I want to see more of their story and hope for bromance and romance to occur.  But if I can’t have that, I will be happy with emotionally stable and happy. Continue reading


Page Turner Episode 2 – A Goof, a Nemesis, & a Blind Person Walk Into a Bar

b12.pngI love this drama.  Love love love with a capital “L”.   All the characters are perfect, the music is perfect, the directing is perfect.  In fact, my only complaint is I would have liked to continue on with these characters for at least another episode or two.  Three episodes are simply too short of a run for such amazing chemistry.  Is it too soon to request a reunion of this cast in a full drama? Continue reading