Podcast #124: Fangirl Stalking Kim So Hyun

It is about that time where the Fangirls stalk one of our favorite onscreen people, and this time it’s Kim So Hyun, who is about to star in River Where the Moon Rises. Come find out which of her dramas are must what and which ones you might want to skip.

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Page Turner Episode 3 (Final) – A Satisfying Performance

b21.pngThis episode was very emotionally satisfying.  I know that there will be a lot of people that wanted romances and a perfect ending, wrapped with a bow and feel the show didn’t deliver.  I am from the other standpoint that for only being three episodes we got a perfect ending that left me happy.  And sure I want to see more of their story and hope for bromance and romance to occur.  But if I can’t have that, I will be happy with emotionally stable and happy. Continue reading

Page Turner Episode 2 – A Goof, a Nemesis, & a Blind Person Walk Into a Bar

b12.pngI love this drama.  Love love love with a capital “L”.   All the characters are perfect, the music is perfect, the directing is perfect.  In fact, my only complaint is I would have liked to continue on with these characters for at least another episode or two.  Three episodes are simply too short of a run for such amazing chemistry.  Is it too soon to request a reunion of this cast in a full drama? Continue reading