Upcoming Dramas: February 2021

February is going to be full of difficult decisions, drama fans. We have a lot of great-looking dramas headed our way, just in time to fill up our watch lists. Come see everything you’ll have to choose from next month!

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5 Reasons to Check out Age of Youth


I started off this drama with very limited expectations and after the first week was unsure if I would bother finishing (not that it is bad, but it is a very slow buildup).  But here we are three weeks later and this is my total addiction.  I would even put it up in the top 5 shows I am watching (and if you consider that I am watching around 25 dramas, that is not a bad place to be.)  So I wanted to do my part in sharing the girl love and try and convince you all to join me in watching Age of Youth.  You won’t be sorry you gave this quirky drama a chance. Continue reading