A Love Letter to Happiness

Once upon a time in Korea, a drama was so compelling that I watched it in spite of the zombies, the pandemic mentions, and the terrible people who were trying to stymie our OTP from beginning to end. It was a tale of power and corruption and doing the right thing even when everyone else is out to get you. For Valentine’s Day, with the help of my friends and avid Happiness fans Tina Woelke and WheresWallace, we’ve penned a love letter to this incredible drama. 

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 10


If you are a huge fan of the thug filler and abusive mom shenanigans, then this is not going to be the recap for you.  Usually, I try to look past it all and focus on the adorable OTP (One True Pairing) that has me coming back each week.  However, this episode had a limited amount of cute coupleness and abounded with obvious filler scenes.  There was so much filler that I had a hard time even coming up with three favorite moments, let alone six.  So this is going to be a recap of ranting and an attempt to do some blogging therapy so I am ready to enjoy the show (hopefully) on Friday.  So please join me as I go through the various moments that had me screaming “What the Fudge was the writer thinking?” Continue reading