Exciting 1st Teaser for new drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for the new drama The Smile Has Left Your Face starring Seo In Guk (Shopping King Louie) & Jung So Min (Because This is My First Life).  So much that I have been stalking TvN Drama on Youtube just waiting for that first glimpse of the drama.  Finally, all the stalking paid off as we get an intense vibed 1st teaser. Continue reading


Life on Mars Episode 1 Recap

Jung Kyung-Ho is back and looking sexier than ever in a dazzling brown leather jacket. Yes, I know this is a super important drama about time travel, ethically finding killers, and justice. But we need need to focus on the important parts. Sexy Jung Kyung Ho. So come join me as I share my top 6 moments from episode 1 Life on Mars (hint… Jung Kyung Ho’s style might be the star of my recaps.) Continue reading