Podcast 59 – The Last Empress Part 2 (Episode 25-52)

The crazy train that was The Last Empress reached its final destination and there is a TON to talk about. Come join the Fangirls as they discuss why they found themselves on Team Evil Emperor and whether the end suited the makjang feel of the story.

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Watching Kdramas With a Man Part 2


Attitude! It’s all about attitude! Last week Dramas with a Side of Kimchi spotlighted hooking your man on Korean dramas. How happy do you think we were when Jennneeefeeerr wrote in the comments section that her husband watched Man to Man and Bad Guys with her? And then diannegoh commented that her husband enjoyed Healer and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho. Yes! Proof it can be done! Read on to see more ways you can hook your man on Korean television!

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