Patreon Podcast #12 – Fangirl Stalking Kim Nam Gil

There is nothing we fangirls enjoy more than stalking our favorite actors and their filmography. Come join us as we debate which of Kim Nam Gil’s dramas/movies are must watch classics and which are only worth it for die hard fans.

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Patreon Podcast #5 — Skipping Work Kdrama Style


The Fangirls had a little too much fun playing Kdrama Jen’s game — Skipping Work, Kdrama Style. The point of the game was for one of us to make up an excuse for not coming into work, based on a drama plot, and the other fangirls had to guess what drama it was from. We’ll just say that Kmuse got a little competitive. Also, the rules may have changed a time or two. All games are a work in progress, right? At least we weren’t licking cookies!