Patreon Podcast #7 – It’s All About the OTP

Hey Patreons! It’s the month of looooove, so we decided to discuss OTPs (one true pairings). What makes a good OTP? What makes a bad OTP? Who are our favorite OTPs? Come find out in this episode of Dramas with a Side of Kimchi!

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Patreon Podcast #5 — Skipping Work Kdrama Style


The Fangirls had a little too much fun playing Kdrama Jen’s game — Skipping Work, Kdrama Style. The point of the game was for one of us to make up an excuse for not coming into work, based on a drama plot, and the other fangirls had to guess what drama it was from. We’ll just say that Kmuse got a little competitive. Also, the rules may have changed a time or two. All games are a work in progress, right? At least we weren’t licking cookies!