Kmuse’s Musings : Cheating on Cable

FotorCreated.jpgI don’t know if I am just in some kind of drama funk, or if it is just random happenstance that I have no interest in 95% of all the new cable shows available.  Whatever the reason, I am going to be taking a 3-month break and checking out my other options. Continue reading

1st Teaser for TvN’s Upcoming Crime Drama “Pied Piper”

a3.pngAm I the only one who feels like the next round of TvN dramas have snuck up on them?  I swear it was just yesterday that I was watching the first episode of Cheese in The Trap.  And I don’t even want to think of Signal ending yet (denial is running deep right now).  But no matter how much I love a drama, there is an equally entertaining (crossing fingers) drama coming up next. Continue reading