Kmuse’s Musings: Three Dramas That Will Give You All The Feels During the Holidays

It is the holiday season, which means there are a ton of extra stressors in our lives. For many of us, we use dramas to escape the holiday chaos, but finding dramas that are going to give you positive feels can be hard. So I compiled a list that is guaranteed to help you see the best in humanity and leave you with a smile on your face.

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4 Dramas Perfect for a Comfort Rewatch Binge

We are two years into a global pandemic, and there is a lot of stress in the world. So what do we Fangirls do when things get tough? Watch more dramas, of course. However, sometimes you just don’t feel up to experiencing something new, and that’s where this post comes into play. Come find out which dramas Kmuse and Drama Geek think are the best comfort rewatches to get you through the rough patches of life.

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Prison Playbook Episode 16: Lasting Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

I wanted a happily ever after for each character in Prison Playbook. I imagined a joyful reunion at the end where everyone, including Doctor Ko, would be waving from the stands as Je Hyeok pitched a perfect game. That would have been a storybook ending, but this show has proven again and again that providing perfect closure and resolution all around is not what it is designed to do. It just would not feel genuine. Read on to hear my last impressions and unfiltered thoughts… Continue reading

Prison Playbook: Episode 13

I can’t believe that we are on the last of my recaps.  It feels like just yesterday that I was talking about Je-Hyeok’s trial and his first experiences in prison.  And here we are… many months later (in drama time) and I feel as if I am describing an old and valued friend.  There will be more recaps of course, but this will be the last I will be penning.  So join me as I discuss the changes among the inmates in Episode 13. Continue reading