Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land episodes 19 – 22

There’s a question of vulnerability in this week’s episodes of Where Stars Land. Can Soo Yeon allow himself to be vulnerable enough to let Yeo Reum know about his weakness? Can Yeo Reum find the courage to say the “L” word? (But not THAT “L” word. Because this IS a Korean drama.) Let’s chat about it!

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Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land eps 13-18

I can’t believe it, but we are already at the halfway point for Where Stars Land this week!  Office tensions are still going strong.  More pieces of the past were unveiled, yet I continue to have so many questions!  However, worries and mysteries were pushed aside to cheer on Yeo Reum and Soo Yeon.  Their romance is quickly heating up and we were rewarded with squee-worthy kisses!  Join us as we chat about this week’s memorable moments.

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