What to Watch While You’re Waiting for Alienoid 2

My favorite Korean summer movie of 2022, Alienoid, was a brilliant blast of sci-fi and time travel and the many facets of Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Joon Yeol, and Kim Tae Ri. It left me wanting more, so while I’m *very* patiently waiting for the sequel to appear, I’ll be keeping myself entertained with other dramas to fill the void. Come see what I think will keep the fires stoked for Alienoid 2

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Kmuse’s Musings: It’s a Winter Wonderland

fotorcreatedI am officially stuck in my house. For those of you who are unaware, if you are in Portland and it is snowing it means you stay home and wait out the storm.  The roads are horrible and the drivers on the aforementioned roads are worse.  So what do I do during my forced hibernation?  Write a post about my favorite winter drama moments of course.  Just because I choose to not frolic in the snow doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching it on my TV.

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The Fangirls Roundtable: “Answer Me 1988”


It is rare that there is a drama that all The Fangirls are watching together.  But somehow “Answer Me 1988” has become such a drama.  So since we are all sad that it is finished and we have to say goodbye, we decided to say goodbye together in our first ever drama roundtable.  So join us as we chat about our favorite characters, couples, and just all things Answer Me 1988. Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Episode 19: I’ve Got You Babe

f7It is actually very hard to write this review because it will be my last recap for the drama.  But I must suck it up and give the people what they want (or don’t want depending on who you talk to) and reveal “THE HUSBAND”.  Except that will come later since there was so much more than just the reveal in this episode.  Because at the end of the day this is a story about a block, not one couple, and the relationships that make life worth living.  So without further ado let’s jump into my recap of Episode 19. Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Episode 17: I Dreamed A Dream

a25.pngI loved how the writers developed this episode, bringing us into the long expected time jump.  While we didn’t get that happily ever after bow for every character (let’s just say that all the love lines, except the parents, crash and burn…….more on that later) we did finally learn what everyone’s dreams for the future were.  Something that surprisingly hit a high note for this blogger.  I never really thought about it before, but this whole show has been themed on achieving dreams whether it was in academics, parenting, work, or romantically.  So let’s take a minute to focus on the end of an era as our characters finally grow up a little. Continue reading

“Answer Me 1988” Episode 15: When the Warm Fuzzies Attack


I am possibly at the point where it is impossible to come up with specific themes for each episode.  Pretty much we always just have a mesh of wonderful heart touching slice of life stories that highlight the whole neighborhood. It has gotten to the point that I now have a dream that someday I can live next to my kbesties on the same block so we can hang outside our house and gossip while our kids create friendships and fall in love (Hear that Angela and Jen!  You have to convince your hubbies to move to Portland for me.)a01 Continue reading