Monster Episode 12 – Progress

7.pngThere were only a few moments that really stood out in this episode.  In other words, lots of setting up for future plot.  This isn’t a bad thing since we want a strong foundation for future storylines, but it does make for a short recap. Continue reading

Monster Episode 10 – Love & War……Mostly War

10.pngThere are so many battle cry moments in this episode that there was little room for plot movement.  We also have a bunch of stupid hospital stuff going on but I hate that even more than office politics so I will ignore the sick.  Just like the big wigs do.  See I am totally channeling my inner chaebol.  Now if I just was Korean…. and had money……and maybe owned a hospital or two.   Continue reading

Monster Episode 5 – We Go Together Like Revenge & Skinship

7.pngSweet!  This episode was much better than the last.  I will admit I was a bit concerned at my ability to last 45 more episodes if things continued on the same slow progression.  Not only did we get some great revenge moments, but the chemistry between our three leads was brought to the forefront.  Their chemistry is also what I am going to focus on in this recap. Continue reading

Monster Episode 2 – A Series of Failures

3.d.pngEpisode 2 solidifies the fact that everyone is out to screw Ki Tan out of his money, freedom, and eventually his life.  Which has me even more invested in the future revenge of our hero which is always a good thing.  What I found amusing was that the writers did all this while having all the characters fail at their various plans.  Never has a group of failed moments created such fun plot movement.  So join me as I chat about everyone’s failures and how this is a narrative win. Continue reading